For Sale By Owner

fsboSelling Your Home?

Selling Your Home Without a Realtor?If you’ve decided that now is the time to sell your home, you might be thinking: should I hire a Real Estate Broker or go it alone. Have you ever considered repairing your own car? It’s true – anyone can buy the tools and parts. However, most of us just don’t have the knowledge, training, experience or the expertise and commitment of time to do the job properly.



But don’t let us be the ones to talk you out of it.

If you are tempted to do-it-yourself and “save” the real estate commissions, this article will be of great help to you in making your decision. Selling your home in Lake Mary is quite a complex procedure, involving large sums of money, stringent legal requirements and the real potential for very costly mistakes. It requires a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience, as well as substantial amount of time to follow-up on every detail promptly and properly.


Are you Really Saving on Commission?

Most buyers equate a “For Sale By Owner” sign with a “bargain.” They assume you will sell for a discount because you do not have to pay the real estate commissions, and, as a result, they’ll probably offer you less than Fair Market Value. Negotiating your price upward to regain even a part of the anticipated commission savings will be difficult at best.

Do you have the time?

If you do it alone, how much will you really save when you factor in the considerable time you will have to invest? Without a Real Estate Broker’s support, you are the one who will have to write and pay for the ads to market your property, remain available day or night for calls from prospects, run the open houses on weekends and show your property on short notice, screen potential buyers, fill-out the paper work and do the dozens of things required to sell a home. Do you really have the time for all this? And what is your time worth – the time spent away from your family and friends and work?

Buyers-Articles-PicHow will you reach potential buyers?

Do-it-yourselfers are faced with the problem of how to market their home effectively. How good are you at writing hard-hitting ads that will stand out from all the others and entice prospects to call you? Where should you run these ads, when, and how often? Do you have the time and patience to handle telephone inquiries? Are you prepared for the cost of advertising – including a professional-looking “For Sale Sign?” Real Estate Brokers are experts in effective advertising and cover all these costs as part of their service to you. Moreover, when you work with a Real Estate Broker, your home receives a far-reaching market exposure through the Multiple Listing Service. MLS® is a computer-based system that relays valuable information about your home to a vast network of Real Estate Brokers and potential home buyers in your market area. Remember, the greater exposure the greater the chances for a higher price. Also, most Real Estate Brokers work for real estate companies that have their own websites or real estate online web portals which will feature your listing; these websites are generating thousands of visitors a day.

 Do you really know the true market value of your home?

Setting a sales price is perhaps the most difficult and yet critical step in the home-selling process. It requires extensive knowledge and training, as well as access to sophisticated market-analysis developed over years of experience. Do-it-yourselfers usually lack these resources and often end up guessing at their asking price.

If your “Ready to Sell”, let First Florida Title & Trust assist you in the process.

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